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Mission: to work together across neighboring communities to consistently protect and improve the unique and relatively unspoiled character of the physical, economic and social worlds we share for the benefit of our future generations.

Council Members & Committees


The agency is directed by a thirty-six member Council composed of local elected officials and gubernatorial appointees. Four individuals who represent State interests provide assistance as Ex-Officio members. Of the 24 elected officials who represent local governments, about 40% work full time in their elected posts and 60% work parttime in their elected posts.


A complete list of current committee assignments is available for the current year, including the committees that were dissolved in 2011. A former committee listing is also availabe for previous years. Please visit the agendas page to view the latest agendas and minutes for the following committees.

  • Budget & Finance Committee

    The Committee has the responsibility for the preparation of annual budget and all amendments thereof.

  • FY2012 Budget Committee

    The Committee had the responsibility for the preparation of the FY2012 budget. The committee’s last meeting was July 21st and the Council dissolved the Committee at its September 15th meeting.

  • Estero Bay ABM

    The Committee serves as a non-regulatory advisory committee to the Council. Its directive is to make comments and recommendations regarding the management of Estero Bay and its watershed. Negotiations over the permit issuance for the Florida Gulf Coast University led to a Settlement Agreement that called for the creation of the "Arnold Committee" and an assessment of overall land uses and natural systems, environmental protection and mitigation tools in the Estero Bay watershed. Upon completion of the Assessment and its adoption by the Arnold Committee in October of 1996, the Council established and began providing staff support to the Estero Bay Agency on Bay Management (ABM).

  • Executive Committee

    The Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the Council. The Officers are elected at the Council’s January meeting.

  • Executive Director Search Committee

    The Committee serves to seek and appoint a new Executive Director for the SWFRPC.

  • Legislative Affairs Committee

    The Committee researches and develops recommended legislative issues for Council consideration. Upon Council adoption, serves as lobbyist for Council. Because the workload of the Legislative Committee varies due to the Legislative Session, meetings are called on an as needed basis. Quorum for this committee is defined as 33% of its membership or 6 members whichever is less.

  • Regional Watersheds Committee

    The Committee serves to address water pollution from all sources. The Committee, through a multi-pronged effort, has its mission to substantially reduce nutrient pollution from stormwater runoff, including impacts from fertilizers, sewage treatment facilities, septic tanks, and urban stormwater runoff.

  • Regional Visioning Committee

    The Committee serves to facilitate and implement a new regional vision for the SWFRPC.

  • Economic Development Subcommittee of the Regional Visioning Committee

    This Subcommittee was formed under the Regional Visioning Committee to work on the economic development component of the regional vision.

  • Environment Subcommittee of the Regional Visioning Committee

    This Subcommittee was formed under the Regional Visioning Committee to work on the environmental component of the regional vision.