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Mission: to work together across neighboring communities to consistently protect and improve the unique and relatively unspoiled character of the physical, economic and social worlds we share for the benefit of our future generations.


The Intergovernmental Coordination and Review (ICR) process is a federally-mandated program to make state officials aware of federal projects, programs and documents of statewide significance that may affect them. State Executive Order 83-150 designated Florida’s Regional Planning Councils as “regional clearinghouses.” This designation calls for the Councils to review such projects to determine their significance.

The Council routinely reviews many types of projects and proposals as a part of its ICR work.

    They include:
  • Ten-Year Site Plans for power companies that serve Southwest Florida,
  • Dredge and Fill Permit Applications filed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
  • Federal Consistency projects from the Florida State Clearinghouse/Florida Coastal Management Program,
  • Environmental Resource Permits issued by Water Management Districts and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,
  • Federal grant applications submitted on behalf of local governments and not-for-profit corporations, and
  • Transportation Improvement Programs and Unified Planning Work Programs submitted by Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

The Council evaluates each proposal to assess the extent of its regional significance. Criteria used to identify and determine such significance include proposed impacts to wetlands and/or habitats, consistency of the proposal with its respective Development of Regional Impact Development Order (when applicable), and other implications which may have multi-jurisdictional impacts.